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Additional Services

Engineering Services

In addition to the highest quality test programming, maximizing board coverage, and efficient board testing, TTCI offers a full array of other engineering services.
If the service you need is not featured on this page, contact our test development company.

CCA Board Testing

TTCI offers CCA (Circuit Card Assembly) testing on all of our flying probe and in-circuit test platforms. Our test systems include the Seica Pilot V8, Digitaltest Condor MTS500, Keysight 3070, and Teradyne TS12x/GR228x. Test prototypes or low-volume boards on the Seica or Digitaltest flying probe test platforms test your high-volume builds on Keysight or Teradyne in-circuit test platforms.
CCA Board Testing
Circuit Board Test

Design for Test

Design for Test (DFT) Reviews

Assess the level of testability that exists and incorporate it in your pre- or post-design.

Engineering Review

Pre-design analysis of your testing needs.

Testability Review

Post-design analysis of the extent of testing available to you based on the completed design.

Schematic Markup

Provides an effective visual that denotes areas with no physical access; assists the design team in determining how to most efficiently test nets with physical pins or otherwise electrical means.

Test Specification Writeup

Detailed summary of what scenarios will be tested, how they will be tested, and how often they will be tested.


TestWay’s electrical Design for Test (DFT) analyzer enables designers to validate designs at the schematic capture stage to ensure that adequate measures have been included to comply with the manufacturer’s test requirements. The ability to verify that PCB designs have been developed with adequate DFT in mind is key in determining the most effective test strategies and accurately calculating fault coverage, which is crucial in improving competitive advantage, lowering cost, and ensuring product quality.
Feasa LED

Feasa LED

The Feasa LED Analyser is an innovative solution for testing multiple LEDs simultaneously for color and brightness. The LED Analyser is used extensively in all forms of lighting applications as well as industrial automation and vision. The Feasa LED Spectrometer has been designed specifically to allow testing of LEDs on populated PCBs where access is limited. It includes customized on-board firmware for automatic color calculation. The Feasa Multichannel Automatic Infrared LED Analyser is a solution for fast wavelength and intensity measurement. Feasa Optical Heads are special receptacles that improve the stability of intensity measurements. TTCI offers a full array of Feasa products to meet your LED needs and will support your programming efforts.

SMH FlashRunner

The SMH Technologies’ FlashRunner is a universal In-System Programmer (ISP)dedicated to the production environment. It results from a long-lasting experience in developing ISP solutions for Microcontrollers and Memories. TTCI’s customers see this ISP solution…..

  • can be programmed while the devices are already soldered to the circuit card assembly (CCA).
  •  overcomes limitations associated with on socket programming and pre-programming systems.
  • flexibility with firmware updates.
SMH FlashRunner
Finite Element Analysis

Finite Element Analysis

Let TTCI perform an analysis of stress, strain, and flex induced on the printed circuit board assembly by the test fixture to validate fixture design before exposing the board to potentially damaging forces.


TTCI can install products through remote access, guided self-installation, or on-site at your facility.


TTCI’s engineers access your test system remotely through the internet.
Our engineers supplement your installation with phone support to assist your on-site engineer.
With a goal to provide a seamless transition from test to production, our engineer performs a hands-on installation on your test system at your facility.
TTCI Installation

Reverse Engineering of Gerber to CAD​

CAD data is not always available and complete for In-Circuit Test (ICT) development. TTCI can use Gerber data to reverse engineer back to a CAD database file. This allows our customers to use their current ICT development software even when there is no CAD data.
Training a Team


Do you need custom customer training services? At TTCI, we provide training and workshops for our supported products and a wide range of testing-related topics. Because we live in a technical world that is on fast-forward, our team is constantly keeping up with the newest technologies. This way, we can offer our customers up-to-date training.
Test System PC, Hardware, and Software Upgrades

Test System PC, Hardware, and Software Upgrades​

Do you need to upgrade that old XP computer for your flying probe or ICT tester? We support XJTAG, Keysight, Teradyne, and Digitaltest.