XJTAG as a stand-alone of integrated boundary scan solution increases the test coverage and overcomes test access problems by verifying the JTAG chains, perform programming of FPGAs, CPLDs, PROMs, and test DDR RAM memories.

XJTAG technology enables you to test more of your design, including the function of many non-JTAG devices, to rapidly locate and resolve manufacturing faults.

XJTAG system

  • Overcome test access limitations
  • Test without physically probing
  • Boundary Scans software development
  • Deployment to Local and Offshore Installations
  • Chain verification
  • Incorporate boundary scan into in-circuit and functional test
  • Engineering Change Order (ECO) Implementation
  • Related testing services
  • Meets the challenges of a board with high node count and complexity

TTCI is a recognized XJTAG Technology Partner that supports all of the XJTAG features with XJTAG-trained professionals and a reseller of XJTAG boundary scan solution.