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TTCI is a leading solutions provider of application development for systems from Seica, Keysight, Teradyne, Digitaltest and XJTAG. We offer a wide variety of testers and test solutions to meet your varied needs. Our Seica Pilot and Digitaltest Condor flying probe systems can handle all your low to mid volume production, prototypes, and PC boards with accessibility issues. The Keysight 3070 and Teradyne Test Station can address your larger production runs and fixture requirements. TTCI can also address your functional and boundary scan needs.

Flying Probe

seica pilot v8 Condor
Seica Pilot V8 Digitaltest Condor MTS500

In-Circuit Test

keysight agilent 3070 teradyne teststation and gr228x
Keysight 3070 Teradyne GR228X

Boundary Scan

Boundary Scan Analyser XJTAG system
Keysight X1149 Analyser XJTAG


Keysight TS-5000/TS-8900
Keysight TS-5000/TS-8900

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