Teradyne TS12x/GR228x

Teradyne TS12x/GR228x in-circuit test (ICT) systems provide elctronics manufacturers with reliable high-quality, high-volume testing for the latest circuit card assembly (CCA) technologies that are used in automotive, industrial, computing, consumer, communications, and defense end-products.

The TS12x/GR228x ICT system provides full structural and functional coverage for a wide range of manufacturing, component, process, and performance defects for high-performance analog, digital, and mixed-signal devices used on modern CCAs.

Our solutions can also integrate Boundary Scan testing, In-System Programming, Flash, and RAM memory testing. 

  • Contract CCA Board Testing
  • Panel Testing, FrameScan, Xpress Model, Hybrid Modeling
  • FLASH Programming, Boundary Scan, etc
  • Large ACUGEN Library – PLD/PAL Models
  • Full Boundary Scan Capabilities and Support
  • Test Program Software and Comprehensive Documentation

Test systems software for:

  • Microsoft Windows, SCO Unix, VMS, and Navigate
  • CAD Tools – C-Link DTM and CB Test
  • Testability Reviews for all CAD Systems
  • Brand Name Fixtures

Since 1980, we have been one the leading solutions providers for Teradyne TS12x/GR228x application development. TTCI supports Teradyne TestStation and GenRad228X development applications.