Keysight x1149 Analyser

The Keysight x1149 Analyser Boundary Scan Analyseris a tool for engineers to perform structural teste on their circuit card assembly (CCA). It also performs In-System Programming for FPGAs and CPLDs devices. The x1149 Analyser programs Programmable Read-Only Memory (PROM) devices as well as execute memory verification tests on devices like the Double Data Rate synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (DDR SDRAMs).

The x1149 Analyser is fully compliant to the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) standard 1149.1: Standard Test Access Port and Boundary Scan Architecture and is able to provide test coverage for much of a CCA with boundary scan devices. The innovative Cover-Extend Technology enables test coverage to go beyond IEEE 1149.1 devices to include connectors, sockets, and non IEEE 1149.1 devices. The x1149 Analyser also supports IEEE standard 1149.6 for AC-coupled bus lines.

  • Overcome test access limitations
  • Test without physically probing
  • Boundary Scans software development
  • Deployment to Local and Offshore Installations
  • Chain verification
  • Incorporate boundary scan into in-circuit and functional test
  • Engineering Change Order (ECO) Implementation
  • Related testing services
  • Meets the challenges of a board with high node count and complexity


TTCI is a recognized Keysight Solution Partner that supports all of the X1149 Boundary Scan features with Keysight.