Keysight TS-5000/TS-8900

Designed for production testing, our Keysight TS-5000/TS-8900 test equipment is a functional test solution optimized for throughput, reliability, repeatability, and cost.

The TS-5000 System uses Keysight TestExcel SL and system specific software for the Unit Under Test (UUT). TestExec SL is a test executive designed for high-volume, high-throughput functional test applications. The other system specific software provides the communications between the test executive and system instruments. The TS-8900 is a PXI-based, off-the-shelf functional test platform for medium to high pin count automotive electronic control unit (ECU) manufacturing that provides customers with a higher throughput and improved coverage solution compared to current generation test systems while maintaining a global deployment.

This solution provides customers with a global standard platform and support that has a 20% higher throughput test and coverage compared to the existing TS-5000 series functional test systems. This is accomplished via a combination of 32-channel high voltage acquisition modules, large Voltage-current range V/I source and a high voltage 8/16 channel DAC enabling parllel test methodologies and built-in 400 automotive applications-tuned libraries for faster deployment.


  • Partnered with leaders like Keysight Technologies and National Instruments (NI)
  • High speed analog & digital functional test for PXI, VXI, and GPIB-based instrumentation
  • High speed digital test pattern generation, acquisition, and analysis
  • Visual C/C++, LabWindows CVI, LabVIEW and HPVEE software development
  • High speed analog & digital functional test PXI, based instrumentation
  • High speed digital test pattern generation, acquisition, and analysis
  • Boundary Scan (IEEE 1149.1) integration
  • On-board programming of FLASH and other non-volatile devices
  • In-system programming (ISP) of PLDs and CPLDs