Keysight 3070

In-Circuit Testing (ICT) is recommended for high volume production and complex test requirements. Comprehensive test program development, high quality fixtures, and efficient circuit card assembly (CCA) testing makes the Keysight 3070 a reliable ICT choice. Test solutions can also integrate boundary scan,  In-System Programming, and Flash RAM memory testing.

  • Contract CCA Board Testing
  • 5184 Pin 3070 System with Hybrid 32 Channel Pin Cards
  • CAD Tools – C-Link, CAMCAD and TestWay
  • Boundary Scan with InterConnect PLUS
  • Boundary Scan Support with 3rd Party Major Solutions
  • Keysight AwareTest Software Supported
  • ACUGEN Software – PLD/PAL Models
  • ISP and Flash, EEPROM, CPLD Programming
  • Embedded Flash
  • TestJet, VTEP, Coverage Extend
  • Panel Testing with Thru-Put Multiplier
  • Combinational Test Programs (In-Circuit/Functional)
  • Brand Name Fixtures
  • Testability Reviews
  • DFT Supporting UNIX or PC-Based Testers
  • Test Program Software and Comprehensive Documentation

Since the early 1990s TTCI been a Keysight Solution Partner, one of the leading solutions providers for application development for the ICT Keysight 3070.