Feasa LED

TTCI offers a full array of Feasa products to meet your LED needs  and will support your programming efforts.

feasa led analyser

The Feasa LED Analyser is an innovative solution for testing multiple LEDs simultaneously for Color and Brightness. The LED Analyser is used extensively in all forms of Lighting Applications as well as Industrial Automation and Vision. The Feasa LED Spectrometer has been designed specifically to allow testing of LEDs on populated PCBs where access is limited. It includes customized on-board firmware for automatic color calculation. The Feasa Multichannel Automatic Infrared LED Analyser solution for fast Wavelength and Intensity measurement. Feasa Optical Heads are special receptacles that improve the stability of intensity measurements.

  • Frequency Out protocol or RS232 Serial Port
  • Multiple LED Analysers can be connected using Daisy Chain Connectors
  • Ultra-High Brightness LEDs and Dim LEDs Test
  • Provides external Trigger Input which can be used to synchronize LED measurements with an external event
  • Optional Feasa Optical Heads designed to ensure stability when testing the intensity of LEDs