Digitaltest Condor MTS500

TTCI offers the complete solution for customers who want maximum performance, the highest test speed, test coverage, and flexibility whether they are testing prototypes, manufacturing lots, or board repair.

The Digitaltest Condor MTS500 is designed to provide a comprehensive prototype and production for electronics manufacturers. The multi-faceted test system features rapid program development, high throughput, and the ability to handle large printed circuit card assemblies (CCA). The system is designed to significantly improve electronics production line performance and efficiency while cutting manufacturing costs.

The Condor MTS500 is a unique flying probe test system that combines an in-circuit test system with functional testing capabilities. The system’s multiple test strategies also allow for high fault coverage.

  • Contract CCA Board Testing
  • Four High-Accuracy Probes on Linear Motors
  • Up to 40 movements Per Second
  • Softland Option
  • C-LINK CAD Translation for Most of the CAD Formats
  • Maximum UUT Size of 28″ x 24″
  • Provides a High Fault Coverage Test
  • Comprehensive Documentation

The Condor MTS500 lends itself to fast flying probe program development and board test services with a quick turnaround.