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TTCI is a leading solutions provider of application development for systems from Seica, Keysight, Teradyne, Digitaltest and XJTAG.

The Test Connection Inc. (TTCI) is a family-owned and a veteran-owned-and-operated electronic test engineering company that has been doing business since 1980. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction with our high quality products delivered on time and with excellent customer service. We offer a wide variety of testers and test solutions. The broad selection of test systems supported by our team includes:

Digitaltest Condor MTS500

digitaltest condor mts500

At The Test Connection Inc., we also offer the complete solution for Digitaltest.

  • Four high-accuracy probes on linear motors
  • Up to 40 movements per second
  • Softland option
  • C-LINK CAD translation for most of the CAD formats
  • Fast program development
  • Board test services with quick turnaround
  • Maximum UUT size of 28" x 24"
  • Provides a high fault coverage test
  • Testing services on our equipment

SEICA Pilot V8

seica pilot v8

The Pilot V8 represents the latest frontier in flying probe test technology for TTCI.

  • It provides up to 16 mobile resources for testing: eight electrical flying probes, two Openfix mobile probes, two mobile power probes, two CCD cameras, two thermal probes, 8-probe technology, four on each side
  • Vertical architecture for double-side simultaneous access
  • Power Probes- up to three amps current, one on each side of the board
  • Optical inspection -2 color CCD cameras (one for each side), serial number barcode reading, detection of the presence and orientation of some components (electrolytic capacitors, headers, lit LEDs)
  • Openfix- One probe per-side
  • Functional testing - a series of functional tests can be performed: operational amplifiers, digital gates, cluster tests, on-board programming for some devices
  • Reverse Engineering - allows you to design the testing for a board which lacks CAD data or schematics, based on a net-oriented test technique
  • Test statistics - a comprehensive graphic software program for fault location and repair, storing the history of all tests executed, backtracking all boards based on their serial numbers

Keysight 3070

keysight agilent 3070

At TTCI, we offer Keysight 3070 ICT development services. Since the early 1990s, we have been a Keysight Solution Partner, one of the leading solutions providers for application development for the 3070 ICT Keysight 3070.

  • 5184 Pin 3070 System with Hybrid 32 Channel Pin Cards
  • Experienced Test Engineering Staff
  • CAD Tools - CAMCAD and C-Link
  • Boundary Scan with InterConnect PLUS
  • Boundary Scan Support with 3rd Party Major Solutions
  • Keysight AwareTest Software Supported
  • ACUGEN Software - PLD/PAL Models
  • ISP and Flash, EEPROM, CPLD programming
  • Embedded Flash
  • TestJet, VTEP, Coverage Extend
  • On-site Installation
  • Panel Testing with Thru-Put Multiplier
  • Combinational Test Programs (In-Circuit/Functional)
  • Brand Name Fixtures
  • Testability Reviews
  • DFT Supporting UNIX or PC-Based Testers

Teradyne TestStation and GenRad228X

teradyne teststation and gr228x

Since 1980, we have been one the leading solutions providers for GenRad228X application development. At TTCI, we support Teradyne TestStation and GenRad228X development applications.

Teradyne (GenRad) options include:

  • Panel Testing, FrameScan, Xpress Model, Hybrid Modeling
  • FLASH Programming, Boundary Scan, etc
  • Board Testing on TTCI's TS124LX test system
  • Large ACUGEN Library - PLD/PAL Models
  • Full Boundary Scan Capabilities and Support

Test systems software for:

  • Microsoft Windows, SCO Unix, VMS, and Navigate
  • CAD Tools - C-Link DTM and CB Test
  • Testability Reviews for all CAD Systems
  • Brand Name Fixtures

Keysight X1149 Boundary Scan Analyser

Boundary Scan Analyser

We are a recognized Keysight Solution Partner that supports all of the X1149 Boundary Scan features with Keysight. Our Keysight trained professionals are ready to assist you with customized solutions.

  • Boundary Scans software development
  • Deployment to Local and Offshore Installations
  • Chain verification
  • Incorporate Boundary Scan into ICT and Functional Test
  • Engineering Change Order (ECO) Implementation
  • Testing Services
  • Experience in working with boards with high node count and complexity


XJTAG system

We are also a recognized XJTAG Technology Partner that supports all of the XJTAG features with XJTAG-trained professionals.

  • Boundary Scan software development
  • Engineering Change Order (ECO) Implementation Chain verification
  • Testing Services
  • Incorporate Boundary Scan into ICT and Functional Test
  • Deployment to Local and Offshore Installations
  • Experience in working with boards with high node count and complexity
  • Resellers of XJTAG Boundary Scan solution

Keysight TS-5000/TS-8900

Keysight TS-5000/TS-8900

  • Partnered with leaders like Keysight Technologies and National Instruments (NI)
  • High speed analog & digital functional test for PXI, VXI, and GPIB-based instrumentation
  • High speed digital test pattern generation, acquisition, and analysis
  • Visual C/C++, LabWindows CVI, LabVIEW and HPVEE software development
  • High speed analog & digital functional test PXI, based instrumentation
  • High speed digital test pattern generation, acquisition, and analysis
  • Boundary Scan (IEEE 1149.1) integration
  • On-board programming of FLASH and other non-volatile devices
  • In-system programming (ISP) of PLDs and CPLDs
  • Full turnkey fixture design and integration services

Feasa LED Analyser

feasa led analyser

  • Testing multiple LEDs simultaneously for Color and Brightness
  • Frequency Out protocol or RS232 Serial Port
  • Multiple LED Analyzers can be connected together using the Daisy Chain Connectors
  • Ultra-High Brightness LEDs and Dim LEDs Test
  • Provides external Trigger Input which can be used to synchronize LED measurements with an external event
  • Optional Feasa Optical Heads designed to ensure stability when testing the intensity of LEDs

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