Seica Pilot V8

TTCI offers the comseica pilot v8plete solution for customers who want maximum performance, the highest test speed, test coverage, and flexibility whether they are testing prototypes, manufacturing lots, or board repair.

The Seica Pilot V8 represents the latest frontier in flying probe test technology for TTCI. Its vertical architecture optimizes test time by probing both sides of the UUT simultaneously. The Pilot V8 accommodates a wide range of solutions like vectorless and in-circuit, programming and functional, boundary scan, medium/high volumes, highly-integrated prototypes, high-mixed products, boards not designed for testing, reverse engineering, and repair.


  • Up to 16 mobile resources for testing: eight electrical flying probes, two Openfix mobile probes, two mobile power probes, two CCD cameras, two thermal probes, 8-probe technology, four on each side
  • Vertical architecture for double-side simultaneous access
  • Power Probes- up to three amps current, one on each side of the board
  • Optical inspection -2 color CCD cameras (one for each side), serial number barcode reading, detection of the presence and orientation of some components (electrolytic capacitors, headers, lit LEDs)
  • Openfix- One probe per-side
  • Functional testing – a series of functional tests can be performed: operational amplifiers, digital gates, cluster tests, on-board programming for some devices
  • Reverse Engineering – allows you to design the testing for a board which lacks CAD data or schematics, based on a net-oriented test technique
  • Test statistics – a comprehensive graphic software program for fault location and repair, storing the history of all tests executed, backtracking all boards based on their serial numbers