Keysight 3070

In-Circuit Testing (ICT) is recommended for high volume production and complex test requirements. Comprehensive test program development, high quality fixtures, and efficient board testing makes the Keysight 3070 a reliable ICT choice. Test solutions can also integrate boundary scan,  In-System Programming, and Flash RAM memory testing.

  • 5184 Pin 3070 System with Hybrid 32 Channel Pin Cards
  • CAD Tools – C-Link, CAMCAD and TestWay
  • Boundary Scan with InterConnect PLUS
  • Boundary Scan Support with 3rd Party Major Solutions
  • Keysight AwareTest Software Supported
  • ACUGEN Software – PLD/PAL Models
  • ISP and Flash, EEPROM, CPLD programming
  • Embedded Flash
  • TestJet, VTEP, Coverage Extend
  • Panel Testing with Thru-Put Multiplier
  • Combinational Test Programs (In-Circuit/Functional)
  • Brand Name Fixtures
  • Testability Reviews
  • DFT Supporting UNIX or PC-Based Testers

Since the early 1990s TTCI been a Keysight Solution Partner, one of the leading solutions providers for application development for the ICT Keysight 3070.