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The Test Connection Inc. (TTCI) offers flying probe, in-circuit testing (ICT), JTAG development, engineering services, and so much more.

Our company, located in Owings Mills, Maryland, is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. This is why we strive to deliver the highest quality products on-time and with personalized customer support. Since 1980, our mission has been to expand our worldwide leadership position in the automatic test equipment industry. We do this by utilizing the latest technology to provide the highest quality test programs with a strong emphasis on reliability and fast delivery time.

Flying Probe Test Development

Flying probe testing uses electro-mechanically-controlled probes to access parts on the board, similar to ICT. They are often used for only testing basic production, prototypes, and boards that present accessibility problems. With precise movements, they can probe points on PLCCs, SOICs, PGAs, SSOPs, QFPs, and more without any expensive fixturing or programming needed.

At TTCI, we offer engineering solutions for customers throughout the nation who want maximum performance with the highest test speed, test coverage, and flexibility. Whether you are testing prototypes, manufacturing batches, or repairing any type of board, our test engineers are ready to serve your needs. Start a conversation with our engineers, and learn more about the test systems supported by our group.

We support the Digitaltest Condor (MTS-500) and Seica Pilot V8:

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  • Reverse Engineering
  • Vertical architecture for double-side simultaneous access (Seica Pilot V8)
  • UUTs up to 28" x 24" (Digitaltest)
  • Tests can range from a simple Analog to a full Functional Test including Boundary Scan
  • Test, Flash Memory Programming and numerous communications protocols to the UUT
  • Boundary Scan
  • C-LINK Software Compatible with over 67 CAD Systems
  • Panel Testing Development
  • Affordable fixture costs

In-Circuit Test (ICT) Development

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For high volume production and complex test requirements, ICT is recommended. Our in-circuit tests quickly process boards at a high speed to determine if the board was built properly. They are used to verify that all the required parts are on the board and correctly installed, delivering an easy-to-understand test diagnostic which points the operators to the point of failure.

At TTCI, we support Keysight 3070 and Teradyne TestStation/GenRad228X test platforms.

  • High Pin Testers
  • ISP / Flash / Serial EEPROM Programming
  • Boundary Scan
  • Framescan and Opens Xpress
  • Panel fixture Development
  • PIC and Microprocessor Programming

JTAG Development (Boundary Scan)

At The Test Connection Inc., we support Boundary Scan tests from XJTAG and Keysight systems. This method for testing interconnects on boards or sub-blocks inside an IC chip with Boundary Scans. They are also often used as a debugging method to watch integrated circuit pin states, measure voltage, or analyze sub-blocks inside an integrated circuit.

The Boundary Scan architecture provides a means to test interconnects and clusters of logic, memories, and etc. without using physical test probes. It adds one or more so-called 'test cells' connected to each pin of the device that can selectively override the functionality of that pin. These cells can be programmed via the JTAG scan chain to drive a signal onto a pin and across an individual trace on the board.

The cell at the destination of the board trace can then be programmed to read the value at the pin, verifying the board trace properly connects the two pins. If the trace is shorted to another signal or if the trace has been cut, the correct signal value will not show up at the destination pin, and the board will be observed to have a fault.

Functional Test Solutions

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At TTCI, we also offer commercial common core and dedicated functional test systems for a broad range of manufacturing test applications. Designed for production testing, our solutions are optimized for reliability, repeatability, and cost. Functional test systems feature a scalable architecture and can meet a wide range of requirements.

Engineering Services

Other engineering services that we offer include:

  • Reverse Engineering of Gerber to CAD
  • Design for Test (DFT) Reviews
  • Test Flying Probe Development and Board Testing Services on Our Digitaltest MTS500XL Flying Probe Test System
  • Boundary Scan Test Solutions with the XJTAG and Keysight Systems
  • Functional Test Solutions with the TS-5000/TS-8900 Systems


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Our services include quotation and test strategies, test program development, fixture building, test program debugging, and installation, as well as follow up support. Our three types of installations we provide include remote, on-site and self-install.
Remote - Accessing the Customer's Tester via the Internet
On-site - Our Engineer Performing the Installation in Your Facility
Self-Install - Our Engineer Guides the Customer through the Process on the Phone

Contract Test Services

The Test Connection Inc. offers a complete and proven test service solution. In a continuous effort to provide our customers with comprehensive test services, TTCI offers in-circuit test, flying probe, Boundary Scan, and functional test services. We can support your testing needs for prototypes, pilot runs, and production.

Customer Training

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Do you need customized customer training services? At TTCI, we provide training and workshops for our supported products and a wide range of testing related topics. Because we live in a technical world that is on fast-forward, our team is constantly keeping up with the newest technologies and this way we can offer our customers up-to-date training.

Contact us today for test development and advanced support that result in actionable engineering solutions. We proudly serve customers nationwide and around the world.

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